Concert in Paris with Jordi Savall and Orpheus XXI

© David Iganaszweski

On 24 November, Jordi Savall and the Orpheus XXI ensemble will gather for a concert at the Museum of immigration history, in the Forum of the Palais de la Porte Dorée.

Will be included in the Orpheus XXI ensemble:

WAED BOUHASSOUN, song & oud (Syria)
MOSLEM RAHAL, ney (Syria)
RUSEN FILIZTEK, song & saz (Kurdish)
NESET KUTAS, percussion (Kurdish / Turkish)
HAKAN GUNGOR, kanun (Turkey)
AZMARI NIRJHAR, song (Bangladesh)
ANASTASSIA LOUNIOVA, cymbalom (Belarus)
AMRAH IMAD EDDINE, oud and song (Morocco)
And finally JORDI SAVALL on the rebab and vielle.

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