Concert-Reading – L’hôte

© Jacques Ferrandez

Saturday, September 29, in the presence of Jordi Savall and accompanied by the voice of Daniel Mesguich, the ensemble Orpheus XXI gives us a unique concert about the short story l’Hôte, extracted from the collection L’Exil et le Royaume (March 1957), last of the great books of Albert Camus, published during his lifetime.

The story features three characters including Daru, a young teacher born in Algeria who is entrusted with the task of delivering a prisoner to justice. We find, beyond the solitude of the character and the case of conscience that arises to him, all the Camusian problematic on choice, commitment, morality and justice.

With the projection of the cartoon l’Hôte of Jacques Ferrandez.

RAHAL Moslem, ney
ALKHODARI Rebal, oud
RAHAL Maemon, qanwon
KARAKHANYAN Hovhannes, duduk
KUTAS Neset, percussion
DIMITROV Georgi Dimitrov, qanum
MURADYAN Gagik, kamancha

Saturday, September 29, 2018 at 8:30 pm, Saline royale d’Arc-et-Senans
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Pictures J-F Ferrandez / RipoDesign

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