After taking part in several workshops given by Jordi Savall’s team, the refugee musicians began, in July 2017, giving their first lessons to children and young people from every nationality, aged 9 to 25 years. These lessons took place in conservatories, schools and social structures receiving refugees. They are the opportunity to discover and pass on knowledge, a culture and a history. They make young people aware of the traditional music of refugees and encourage them, in turn, to sing and play this music.

© Brigitte Grignet

During the workshops, ties were formed between musicians and young people. For some, it allowed them to rediscover their original language and culture. The workshops focused on the love that these uprooted children can have for their past history and culture, and was the chance for them to become reunited with them. The workshops also showed the interest that European children can have for non-European songs, sounds, melodies and rhythms, which are often very different to their immediate cultural environment. They demonstrate, if ever there was a need, the universality of musical language.

© Martí Sancliment

The workshops were held in the following towns: Barcelona, Besançon, Bremen, Dannemarie-sur-Crète, Dijon, Dole, Dortmund, Dresden, Harstad, Le Havre, Nantes, Paris, Saint-Denis and Vesoul.

Children and young people in France: Arpita Ahmed, Paul Bebin, Fernande Bekono, Massyl Benaiouche, Yanniss Benaiouche, Océane Certier, David-Petre Dimitru, Vlad-Alexandru Dimitru, Héloïse Golay-Aubry, Rose Golay-Aubry, Charles Malcolm Gricourt, Adèle Henry-Convercy, Mahiyat Hossain, Mushfirat Hossain, Yacine Karboa, Jeanne Maubert, Charles Mougenot, Morgan Mougenot, Adam Nouali, Elia Nouali, Myriam Rocq, Gayané Sargysian, Hripsimé Sargysian.

Children and young people in Spain: Artem Aleschenko, Semih Ali Aksoy, Khalid Al Khatib, Firas Almalat, Shahd Al Sbeih Al Mahaid, Dina Berchak Srighi, Ibrahim Bilen, Georgi Dimitrov, Chorouk Elkawkab, Leila Er Rabiai, Youness Erraki, Farhad Haj Ahmad, Kathlyn Ildefonso, Fouad Khouri, Adam Latki, Meriem Moubine, Ariana Soledad Orono Guillén, Georg Vasilev, Flora Wassouf.

Children and young people in Germany: Muhammad Abou Ammash, Maya Abou Asi, Usama Abou Bakr, Tareq Abou Ismaeil, Alaa Al Janabi, Mohamad Al Kaddah, Sami Al Safadi, Mohamad Amir Al Sobaai, Mohammed Alhamdan, Nawar Alhamwi, Rita Alsafidi, Ahmad Alsarai, Shahad Alsarai, Silda Brimo, Kasem Eissa, Jonas Ghannam, Anahit Harutyunyan, Natalia Hasan, Zana Hasan, Mhd Tayser Idlbi, Mohamad Hadi Jazaerli, Mahmoud Maen, Nanaa Rimonda, Hazar Shaheen, Mahmoud Saad Shahwan, Amar Shakwr, Ronas Sheikhmous, Noha Sokar, George Sukar, Nisreen Sukkar, Reiam Sukkar, Marie Tamer, Tasabehji Rama, Shadi Yaghoub.

Children and young people in Norway: Ange Collins Foty, Wadah Adnan Gharzedinne, Youssef Kardi, Basil Hassan Jebril Omer, Fahmi Hassan Jebril Omer, Rodi Jamil Omar, Adnan Abdulqader Esmail Saleh, Eseias Tesfay.