This “replicability kit” follows two years of implementation of the ORPHEUS XXI project.

By adjusting / correcting our concept at each stage of the project, we have been able to define a model that is reproducible in different contexts. By maintaining the strategic partnerships between organizations from the cultural, educational and social sectors, the ORPHEUS XXI model can be replicated and adapted to other musical styles, other artistic fields (visual arts, cinema, theater, etc.), but also in other sectors of activity (education, social integration, citizenship), and in any other country hosting refugees. Below you will find all the essential elements and standard documents that will enable you to create your own ORPHEUS project (calls for applications, invitations, programs, participants’ diaries, photos, etc.).

Phase 1


Partners launch a Europe-wide call to identify refugee musicians. Pre-selected musicians are invited to participate in two selection workshops and an educational workshop on the repertoire, supervised by professional musicians and an artistic director.

At the end of these three major workshops, twenty of them are selected to join the project.

Phase 2


The refugee musicians attend a large workshop given by professional musicians, with a view to preparing them for the transmission phase to young people and children.

Phase 3


Refugee musicians give the first classes in a recreation center. Then the classes intensify: they are taught to young people and children of any nationality, aged 9 to 25, in schools, colleges and social structures hosting refugees. An educational workshop is also organized.

A first series of concerts in schools, refugee associations and places of cultural networks partners is set up, as well as a dissemination of results in major European cities. In the summer, music festivals host the first concerts of the Intercultural Ensemble.

Phase 4


Children and young people who show the best abilities and high motivation follow workshops under the direction of an artistic director and professional musicians for a European tour that ends in August 2018.

All phases presented here constitute a construction period. At the end of the realization of all the phases, the Orpheus XXI project continues to last in time, through workshops and concerts set up by all the field partners.